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Terminal Tractor Safety Inspection Outside the Cab

My company uses a terminal tractor to move semi-trailers at the warehouse. As an operator, which items should be inspected prior to getting in the cab?

Like forklifts and other warehouse equipment, a terminal tractor will have an operator manual at its delivery. Reviewing the operator manual prior to use will create an easier, safer experience.

Checking the condition of the terminal tractor before operation is important for your safety and others within the driving area. The following outline is a best practice of items to safety check prior to entering the cab:

  • Check all tires for proper inflation and pressure
  • Inspect under the chassis and around the fuel tank for leaks
  • Review coolant for proper levels
  • Look under deck to ensure cab is locked down
  • Ensure battery cover fasteners are secure
  • Check hydraulic fluid for proper levels
  • Confirm hydraulic tank is shut off and in the [...]

Autocar Trucks Speaks on Fuel Emissions Regulations and The Growing CNG/Hybrid Market

Obama Administrautocarimage1ation Fuel Efficiency Standards: EPA Truck Rules Will Boost US Clean Transportation

autocarimage1Obama Administration Fuel Efficiency Standards: EPA Truck Rules Will Boost US Clean Transportation

By Maria Gallucci

The Obama administration’s proposal Friday to slash medium- and heavy-duty vehicle emissions could transform the niche market of low-carbon haulers into a mainstream fleet. The standards, which target 18-wheelers, school buses and garbage trucks, will drive manufacturers to adopt the hybrid-electric systems, natural gas engines and other fuel-efficient technologies already in use on America’s roads.

“The new requirements are just going to make them more attractive. It’s going to drive the market further,” said Anne Tazewell, the transportation program manager at the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center, which promotes alternative fuel use in the state.

Hundreds of U.S. cities in recent years have traded diesel engines for less polluting, more efficient models to drive down municipal energy expenses [...]

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 23, 2015 – A nationwide study conducted by the National Business Research Institute declared Autocar Trucks number one in service among the truck OEMs in this study, with 70% of survey respondents agreeing they are satisfied overall with the service they received from Autocar. Autocar’s customer satisfaction with service significantly exceeded the results for all the other truck OEMs included in the survey.


The survey, conducted in November 2014, recorded the opinions of 469 people working in the vocational truck market, including fleets, owner-operators, truck dealers, service centers, and component suppliers coast-to-coast. Among those polled were refuse and recycling haulers, a wide range of other vocational operators, terminal tractor operators, and street sweeper operators.

Warranty coverage – both overall coverage and ease of making a claim – is the most important type of service [...]

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