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Terminal Tractor Outside the Cab Safety Inspection and Safety Features to look for when purchasing a Terminal Tractor

Outside Cab Safety Inspection
  • March 18, 2016

Terminal Tractor Safety Inspection Outside the Cab

My company uses a terminal tractor to move semi-trailers at the warehouse. As an operator, which items should be inspected prior to getting in the cab?

Like forklifts and other warehouse equipment, a terminal tractor will have an operator manual at its delivery. Reviewing the operator manual prior to use will create an easier, safer experience.

Checking the condition of the terminal tractor before operation is important for your safety and others within the driving area. The following outline is a best practice of items to safety check prior to entering the cab:

  • Check all tires for proper inflation and pressure
  • Inspect under the chassis and around the fuel tank for leaks
  • Review coolant for proper levels
  • Look under deck to ensure cab is locked down
  • Ensure battery cover fasteners are secure
  • Check hydraulic fluid for proper levels
  • Confirm hydraulic tank is shut off and in the open position
  • Review the top frame and 5th wheel boom for debris
  • Pull lanyard on the air tank to drain any moisture
  • Check engine and transmission fluid for proper levels
  • Maximize visibility by cleaning windows and adjusting mirrors

Please refer to the terminal tractor operator manual for additional safety checks.

Safety Features to Check for when Purchasing a Terminal Tractor

Easy Ingress/Egress

Work place injuries can be prevented with our extra-large foot grips on the walking surfaces and large, highly visible grab handles strategically placed around the cab, and large cab doors designed for today’s largest operators. We take driver safety seriously.

Auto-lock System

Runaway trailers, broken landing gears, and trailer rollovers are now a thing of the past with our semi-trailer auto-lock system. We designed our truck to prevent the trailer’s release while the spotter is moving, preventing any unwanted drops.


Strength and dependability are what’s needed to get the job done. We increased our cab strength by using 100% steel curved one-piece pillars and heavy gage panels – dramatically improving cab strength and durability and giving you a cab you can rely on.


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