Specifically engineered custom configurations directly into your terminal tractor truck.

Why buy a cookie-cutter product when you can have a custom-engineered tool?  Autocar’s team of engineers use customer feedback to design the most effective refuse trucks on the planet to handle all distribution, industrial, and container needs.  We work directly with you to design and custom-build your truck with the exact host of features engineered in to get your specific job done and boost your bottom line.  Autocar terminal tractors are the prime standard in trailer moving solutions for warehouse and distribution operations, ports, and rail terminals. They offer excellent durability, operator comfort, service ease, and boast the latest generation engines.


  • High-end immediate 24/7 customer service
  • New and Used Trucks in stock, ready to go
  • Short term, Long term Rentals, Lease, and Finance programs available
  • All makes parts and service available


  • Vehicle Coverage: 1yr./3000hrs (parts and labor)
  • Allison Transmission: 4yrs standard
  • Cummins Engine (ISB): 2yrs/unlimited hours
  • Front & Rear Axles: 2yrs Parts and labor
  • Internal Cab Corrosion: 3yrs. Parts and labor

Built for Work

We build with your operators in mind to ensure they’re productive, have a good experience, and come back strong the next day. We start with the roomiest spotter cab on the market and throw in smart ergonomics, safer ingress/egress, and more to let your operators focus on the job.  Applications include; Distribution Centers, Logistic Centers, Warehousing, Light Industrial Handling, Container Handling, and Intermodal Handling.

After-Sales Support


Yale/Chase will help you maintain your Autocar® through the life of the vehicle. We have a full library of support documents – manuals, technical documents, and specifications – ready to download, training, and a Solutions service team that’s only a click or phone call away. If it’s an Autocar, we’re driven to help service, fix, and keep it on the road.

Demand the Best


Premium companies deserve the latest and greatest tools. That’s why we include our premium safety and productivity features as standard on all our trucks. We use only the best in supplier components, fasteners, hoses, hydraulics, and electronics – inside and out.

Autocar Cares


Keeping drivers out of harm’s way is not only good for drivers, but it’s also good for business. The Autocar® ACTT™ reduces risk in the areas where accidents are most likely to occur – making it the clear choice for companies that value the safety of their operators.

Easy Ingress/Egress

Work place injuries can be prevented with our extra-large foot grips on the walking surfaces and large, highly visible grab handles strategically placed around the cab, and large cab doors designed for today’s largest operators.


Peace of Mind

Runaway trailers, broken landing gears, and trailer rollovers are now a thing of the past with our semi-trailer auto-lock system. We designed our truck to prevent the trailer’s release while the spotter is moving, preventing any unwanted drops.

100% Steel Cab with Muscle and the BEST Turning Radius + 360 degree Visability

Strength and dependability are what’s needed to get the job done. We increased our cab strength by using 100% steel curved one-piece pillars and heavy gage panels – dramatically improving cab strength and durability and giving you a cab you can rely on.  We take driver safety seriously.  Offering the best turning radius is just the beginning. We keep your operators safe with our unmatched 360 degree visibility, huge pantographic windshield wipers, largest rear door entry/exit, aggressive foot grip surfaces, heavy duty stout cab frame, well positioned grab handles inside and out, and Autocar’s “safety hook system” which eliminates moving semi-trailer drops.


Riding on Air

Driving shouldn’t make your operators sore – and it won’t in an Autocar®. Our trucks come with our exclusive four-point premium cab air suspension which works in combination with our advanced 14K heavy duty spring and gas shocks, to protect your operator from neck and back discomfort.  Autocar yard trucks are designed to operate effectively and efficiently in terminal surroundings.  They feature fast turnaround times, low operating costs, excellent maneuverability, unique comfort wit easy accessible service points and reliability.



Deluxe Cab Space

With the tallest, widest, and deepest cab in the industry, your operators will be comfortable for a change as they spend the day getting in and out without having to duck, twist, or bend. We know the job requires room to operate, so we created the most space for legs, knees, and bellies.

Premium Climate Control

Comfort isn’t something you have to sacrifice with our high-powered, automotive quality blended HVAC system. Your operators will be able to subtly dial in the temperatures to create a comfortable work environment.


All About the Uptime

We’ve taken the best technology and the most experienced industry professionals and combined them into an easy-to-access Autocar Solutions® service system that’s there for you when you need it most. We value your time and know how important uptime is to your business – that’s why we do service differently.



1,000 Pounds of Strength

If your average day can be summarized by the word “rugged,” then you’ll be pleased to know your Autocar® is up to the challenge. We pack extra steel strength into our frames to ensure a safe, long, and productive truck life in the toughest environments.

Robust Hydraulics

Premium top and bottom 5” spherical bearings on extra fast acting hydraulic cylinders are standard on every Autocar – you can’t cut corners on a spotter when it comes to fast and durable hydraulic lifting!



Paint to Be Proud Of

We use the industry’s best “e-coat primer process” to give you the best in uniform paint coverage and to provide the best protection against rust and corrosion. This efficient and environmentally-friendly primer and paint process gives you an attractive, durable coating that reduces rust and corrosion dramatically, extends the life of your cab, and helps retain resale value.


Autocar refuses to cut corners, building only a severe duty, premium truck. On every Autocar® ACTT™ you’ll find valuable extra features and content included as standard, extra heavy-duty components, and unique patented designs that others can’t offer. You always get a premium truck, extra severe-duty, but at a market competitive price. See the chart below for some examples of how every Autocar builds in extra value over the competition:


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